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"Cutting through it was the lacerating catharsis of whatever guitar she was channeling the life force of at the moment. While Annie played, her body lost the robotic rigidity and, in a couple instances, she melted onto the floor in flashes of such intense focus that I found myself tearing up from the whole spectacle of it. Toward the end, she pretended to collapse on stage, wiped out by the power of her guitar solo and revived only by the presence of a new guitar. The juxtaposition was beautiful and resonant: Here was a person escaping the robotic and the electric, becoming human through the power of music. The medium was the message. It was fucking cool and also fucking brilliant."

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Topher: Our problems are huge and indomitable.

Adelle: Ooh I could eat that word. Or a crisp.


we are all this st.vincent fan

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You’re a wee, little puppet man!

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In 1994, I set my Mom’s boyfriend on fire. 

Am I the good slayer now?

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Get to know me meme » [2/5] favourite actresses: Madeline Kahn


Miranda on Chatty Man! (x)


Miranda on Chatty Man! (x)

Jack Skellington - Unavailable